00.Kinko school style of Shakuhachi

There are two stlyes of classical shakuhachi music. One is called "Hon-kyoku(means essential number)" which is solo performance. After modern period, shakuhachi players started to perform with another traditional instruments "Koto(like harp)” & "Shamisen(like lute)". Nowadays, this 3 piece performance is usually seen as another,called "San-kyoku(means 3 piece)"


01. Solo Original Music (2017~)

Drone/Noise Ambient Oriented Original works.


>>Digest of live performance

02. Post Rock Band Style

Post Rock style band " a forest door "

>now in cessation of activity

03. Free Improvisation

04.Club Music Style


>> here is their web site

05.Seeking for Musicians!

If you are a musician in Fukuoka or near area, please do not hesitate to contact me, any musicians are welcoming for doing colabration!